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Mild Italian

Mild Italian flavour is the benchmark for fresh sausage, representing about 20% of sausage sales in Quebec. Even with a lot of brands on the market, La Fernandière is the first choice for flavour for Italian spice lovers.


Traditionally a lamb sausage, our merguez is made with a delicious blend of pork and beef. It’s a different choice of meat, but you’ll get that flavour profile that hints at the exotic, including cumin, paprika and coriander.

Hot Italian

On those days when you just got to have a bit more kick, go for the hot Italian sausage. Made with the same delicious Italian spice blend as our mild version but kicked up a notch for a more pronounced colour and heat.

Bacon & Cheddar

At La Fernandière, we’ve mastered the classics. The proof: our bacon cheddar sausage is the most popular on the market in its category.


Oktoberfest, which has its origins in Germany, is the world’s largest beer festival. And where there’s beer inevitably there’s sausage! Since at La Fernandière we love both, we absolutely had to create our own version, which is perfect for your next biergarten at home.

Cheddar & Apple

Featuring delicious Saint-Guillaume cheddar, our cheddar & apple sausage is the perfect sweet & salty combination. Pair it with some yummy mashed potatoes and you’ll make everyone young and old alike very happy.

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