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Buffalo & Smoked Meat and Pickle

Two legends come together. On one hand there’s the bold spicy Buffalo taste the wings of the same name have made famous. On the other, the rich comforting flavour of smoked meat with its trusty side of dill pickle. All in the same package, what more could you ask for?

Mild Italian & Oktoberfest

Bringing together two Euro-style sausages, it’s the perfect combination for spending long summer nights with friends, just sitting around on the balcony talking. Serve it with sauerkraut and some nice cold beers and you’ll think you’re in the middle of Oktoberfest!

Mild Italian & Toulouse

Combining two of our most accessible sausages when it comes to taste, it’s the perfect package for supper with the kids. For dinner without the fuss, go for the combo that’s always kid approved!

Bacon Cheddar & Mediterranean

Expecting a larger group and you want to please everybody? Thanks to this combo with one smoky & salty option and another that’s got more heat, you’ll have something for everyone and your hosting success is guaranteed!

Chicken Wings & Pork Ribs

You’re watching the game. You don’t want to miss a second of the action but you still insist on serving up an all-star feast for your friends. This combo is sure to score big, even among die-hard sausage fans!

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